“The fundamental purpose of school is learning not teaching…”

SHS is a learning community committed to its purpose of moulding young minds into confident and God-fearing youngsters who will offer themselves as catalyst – transforming the society by harmoniously blending human, spiritual, personal and social values.

As a learning community we understand that it is important to know the world within and inculcate a spirit of self discovery with compassion and integrity. We understand that to prepare young people for the fast changing world, building character, fearlessness of purpose and emotional intelligence will be more important than disseminating information that may be irrelevant tomorrow.

The community strives to build an environment where every student competes with self to reach new heights to experience the world from a higher ground. While we may lead our students to see themselves with humility in the vastness of space and time, we also help our students to find their place in this world in the vastness of history and space.

Prafulla Mani Pradhan

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