Back in 2007 when I first entered the school, I was scared and sad leaving my parents, my home, my friends and family but very unaware to what was waiting for me. The amount of support, love and care I got from you all is immeasurable. It’s been around seven years since I passed out, but the memories of the school is fresh like it all happened yesterday.
Today where I am would not be possible if Barik Sir wouldn’t have scolded for less marks in the tests or if Niloy Sir wouldn’t have taken those series of History and Geography tests. I can still recall D’cruz Sir and Mam encouraging us when we were low and comforting us like our parents. A huge respect to our matron back then Miss Pamela Peters and Mrs. Corrine Gomes for dealing with us every single day but still having that huge smile at the end of the day, and Raymond Sir thank you so much for arranging such great excursion trips, movies and all the programmes which you organised for us. Richard Sir I miss the tasty food and hands-down to the fact that Sacred Heart School has the best food compared to any hostel I have ever been too.
So ‘Thank You’ teachers for being there for us every time and no matter how old we grow or far we go, in our heart the School, the teacher’s and the memories will never fade away. There is a saying that school days are golden days in everyone’s life and now I know why.



What describes the greatness of an institute? The unfeigned answer to it lies wrapped in the words of its students. Every institute proclaims to offer unparalleled education to the students but what sets Sacred Heart apart from the rest is its vision to fabricate poised, knowledgeable and meticulous beings. To begin with, the infrastructure absolutely obliterates any question of inadequacy that might hinder the elemental educational needs that encapsulate the breathable learning spaces, well-equipped laboratories, resourceful libraries, well-furnished auditorium and fascinating sports arenas.  The teaching pedagogy is free of complications and is structured brilliantly by a highly qualified faculty which is indeed suggestive of a very observant management. Additionally, students are mandated to regularly exercise their limbs to enhance their metabolic functionalities and sedate unwanted distractions. Even the food that turns out to be irresistible to the taste buds carries ample nutritious components. To expand the horizons of learning and self-enhancement, unconfined hours of internet facility have been made accessible to the students. Every possible affliction is endured by the governing authority to harness the talents of the wards thereby remodelling them into competent individuals.  Ultimately, the endearment attached to the Heads of the institute, namely, Director Sir, Director Ma’am, Principal Sir, Ruby Ma’am, the wardens, teachers and non-teaching staff mould this institute from a mere memory to an everlasting dwelling in our heart! “Glory be to Sacred Heart!” 



A good quality seed does not yield its kind unless it is nourished and nurtured correctly. You, have provided me with that nourishment and I can proudly say that my greatest privilege has been and always will be being a part of the ‘Heartian’ family. It has made me who I am today. It would be my genuine pleasure to replay them to you in any and every way I possibly could. I am pursuing B.A L.L.b (hons.) from the Department of Law, University of North Bengal. It’s my 2nd year and the 4th semester is about to commence.



When it comes to choosing the right institute for a child, there are loads of schools that boast about their educational policies, but believe me Sacred Heart family makes it happen most fantastically. They have enabled me, coached me and given the confidence to share Sacred Heart School Siliguri’s story widely. It has well-equipped laboratories and a wide range of books in the library for every class, be it the junior school or high school students.The concept of Language Lab predominantly enables the students to master linguistic skills and eradicate all errors from their language. Every student is looked after with sensitive care by the supremely qualified teachers and supervising it all, are the Heads including our Director, Co-Director ma’am and Principal, thereby upholding the policy of “No Child Left Behind”!  The enigma of digitization is beautifully dealt with the services of Internet assistance which has indeed elasticized the paradigms of learning. Additionally stress is laid on mobilizing the artistic abilities of the student and grooming them into a balanced gentle being. In a similar way, sports and extra-curricular regimes have been incorporated to ensure the physical strengthening of the child. To endure that strength, hygienic and nutritious food is served to the students ensuring every element is presented to the body in right quantity. Not to be forgotten, the optimum generosity of the wardens and the affection that is showered onto the wards by the entire management compels the institution to operate as a family.   



My school days in Sacred Heart have been the best days of my life. I miss my friends and teachers who have always been beside me in every kith and keen. What I am today is all because of them and because what this school taught and gave me. I wish all the students of sacred heart a very good luck, may god bless you all.   




As Mother Teresa had once said “we cannot do great things on this earth. Only small things with great love.” I would thus like to express my love and gratitude for the school and the teachers through this poem : To the lovely teachers in every ways… You taught me core skills, my A’s, B’s and C’s. Some valuable life skills. my 1’s, 2’s and 3’s. You challenged my boundaries…made me push harder. Allowed no complacency, extending me farther… For the education I gained and the limitations I shed. My thanks to you all…making me look straight ahead. I would like to wish all the best to my juniors. Make the best use of the facilities and enjoy every moment of your hostel life and move out with unforgettable memories of these good times. Also my message to you would be try to live your life by the lines of Albert Einstein- “Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”
I am currently preparing for Indian administrative services. (Simultaneously pursuing LLB).   



Sacred Heart School has in many ways helped me grow as a student. I feel fortunate that I got some really good teachers including our dear Principle, who have influenced me in several ways in only a span of one year. But then as you, it’s the quality that matters the most. I wish each one of you good luck for your future and would suggest you to give your 100% in whatever task you undertake. All the best! I am currently pursuing LL.M from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad.   



I have had great memories of my SHS days which will last a lifetime. I was always an average student. But my learning’s didn’t only restrict to books. It was an all-round improvement of me. Be it in studies, games, personality development, attitude and the way you talk and present yourself. What I am today is because of those inputs what I gained during my school days.
I will just say every heartians to make their each day a new day. These days will remain sacred to your heart and will give you motivation to succeed in life. You will never be brave if you don’t get hurt. Success means having the courage, determination and will to become the person you believe you are meant to be.
I am currently working as a Business Development Manager at Trilux India Pvt. Ltd as   



I am from the famed 2003 batch. 13 years have passed since I last walked out of those silver gates. Today when I look back I would say the times were well lived. When I look through the web of memories, it grips you in kind of nostalgia only you school can. Thank you Sacred Heart for remembering us. WE love you and you will always be an integral part of our lives. To all my smart juniors, “Life is a beautiful thing just waiting to be discovered”. Enjoy and make life out of your time at SHS. This will be your best years in life. I work as a Senior Financial Analyst in the Cash Operation Department for Northern Trust (MNC Bank situated out of Chicago).   



13 Years!! Yes, it’s been that long, we miss our school. Being a member of School’s second ICSE batch, it’s an honor to share some thoughts here. What we are now are for the values input by our school. We are now in our professional world, extended families, serving the society and growing each day to reach to the highest of the high but in our scrapbooks, SHS holds a memorable color. Wishing all our Teachers, Students, Official Staff and Management, all the very best.
I am currently serving as an Accounts Officer, H&M Bangladesh.   



My message for my younger brothers and sisters: “Study hard, play harder. These years at Sacred Heart School are the best and very crucial you will never have. Therefore, the lesser you whine, the more you’ll shine.”
Occupation – Head of Concepts and Client Servicing at Rigger House (event management), Mumbai   



It is an honour for me that I have been given a chance to express a few words about my family. I had joined in the year 2010. I belonged to the I.C.S.E. Batch of 2013. Those three years were just blissful. Sacred Heart made my dream come true when I was appointed as Vice Prefect in class 9 as well as Prefect in Class 10, it made me feel more important in the family. Sacred Heart is more than a joint family. It gave me lots of love and opportunities and very important that is, it taught me to believe in my own abilities. I achieved a lot out here and one of the best memories I would like to share is the taste of victory in Bosco Fest 2011 where me and my dance crew was awarded as winners with the trophy in Bosco Tango. I thank each and every member of Sacred Heart, especially the mist adorable principal Mr. Maurice D’cruz and Mam Mary D’cruz whom I miss a lot. I wish I could pen down some more mords but I need to pause myself right here.   



It was my good luck to be in Sacred Heart School as a student and it had been a good experience for my entire life to be loved. I thank our principal sir to be with us always and also my teachers.
I am working with Nirmalbang Securities Pvt. Ltd a share broking firm as a Relationship Manager   



Best wishes to all Sacred Heartians, .proud to be one.”
I am currently working for Assam Rifles as an Assistant Commandant (Medical Officer)   



Sacred Heart was LIFE. Some of the best years of my life where I learnt what I am today as a person. Disciplined life, games time, the dining hall, dormitory, the quarrel and many more memories that flashes whenever SHS comes to mind. SHS memory sometime bring smile and tears as well coz now when I sit back and think of the time I was in SHS the grades that I fetched doesn’t really matter me much but the small little silly stupid and naughty things that we did does matter and those are the moment I want to live again. I cannot thank enough for giving me this privilege to share my thoughts. Thanks to Anil Sir, Rakesh Sir, Pinaki Sir, Preeti Miss, Raymond Sir, Jiji Sir and all the faculty who helped me shape me for the future.
Glory be to Sacred Heart, In the highest of the high.
All Gods children safe within In the Light of Sacred Heart.
Present Profession: Tax Consultant & Business Person.



One slot in a page in a web-page cannot describe the love that I have for Sacred Heart. I’d do anything to relive each day in the school.
To this day, I feel so happy to have made the spontaneous decision to go to a boarding school, it taught me the meaning of life.
To the institution that made me who I am today.
Glory be to Sacred Heart in the highest of the high!



Let me start by saying that I am very proud to be writing to you today as the student of Sacred Heart School. Around eleven years back, a five year old entered the school building, filled with anxiety and fear unknown about her surroundings and the people there, scared to leave her parents but had to. Well yes that was me. This is the place where i was brought up, this is the place where i learned this is the place I made mistakes and this is the place I grew up. Truly said you never understand the value of this until you lose them. Well yes like every other student I too never liked school, until the day came I had to leave. The world is a very small place with a lot of competition; it doesn’t owe anyone a favor. In the end, all that matters is you and nobody else. A small message that I would give my juniors is Life is completely what you make it. Things that upset and disappoint you now will not even make any difference in the upcoming years so think about yourself your parents your teachers and BELIEVE IN GOD.
Presently I am studying media science and also modeling
Lots of love and well wishes to all of you.


The priceless knowledge that I imbibed in SHS is my greatest asset. Thanks a lot to all my ‘GURUS’ .It was a journey which has enhanced my personality and groomed me at my phases. While on this journey I felt loved, cared, and guided..Days in Sacred Heart were the happiest days of my life. I have learned a lot from my faculty. They corrected me when I was wrong and trained me to face the outer world. The relation between us was not actually of teacher and student but one of family.
I cherish every moment of my school life.
Lastly I want to leave a small message to every individual of SHS that here you will get ample opportunities to explore and develop yourself



I have always wanted to write something about my amazing experience of school days and finally this has helped me share my story.
Originally I am from Kolkata and I am currently working in as a Specialty Trainer and posted in Hyderabad.
I belong to the 2007 Batch when Mr. Maurice D’Cruz was our Principal. We had an amazing time at school. There is so much that I miss about school now. The games time, playing TT in all breaks, study time, Sunshine Holidays, School fete, Annual Sports day, Easter Holidays, the food and all the teachers that have contributed to what I am today.
While at school I may not have been very appreciative towards all these things but later when I moved forward in life, I have understood many things majorly.
For all fellow Sacred Heartians, do value the time that you spend in school. Education is not just about how well you score in examination, it is about other extracurricular activities and experiences that will help you contribute to your cause. The teachers at Sacred Heart have always helped me with a smile and staying away from family couldn’t have been so much more fun.
I cherish each day spent in Kurseong and wish I could go back to those days where I could see the Kanchenjunga peak from my bed every morning. I envy all of you who are currently in school reading this.
Be compassionate, be optimistic, spread love, and have a great life ahead. Good Luck to all of you!!!



About my experience at Sacred Heart!
It was the best 2 years of my life. Learned so much in these 2 years. How to make friends. How even our enemies cry on the last day of school. Learned how to adapt to all kinds of situations! Learned that my teachers always wished and hoped the best for me. So glad they didn’t spare the rod when it came to me. Or I would definitely have been a spoilt child. Learned how to organise myself. Learned how to stay strong. Learned how to accept failures. Learned how to win and not let the pride take over me. Sacred Heart taught me that it’s okay to not be a topper. But it’s not okay to not discover your real talents. I’m an actor today. Thank God for those elocution practices.
I don’t have to worry about my voice frequencies.
In simpler words I’m all that i am today coz of Sacred Heart. And I’m a proud Heartian.
Fellow brothers and sisters. Remember to thank your stars, that they aligned in such a way that got you to this school , because of this school and the faculty of this school will give in everything they have to make you succeed. Just believe in yourself and them. Glory be to Sacred Heart in the highest of the high. ❤


“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.” – Khalil Gibran.
The time spent in the corridors of SHS is the best memory I possess and the people I met, are ones whose company I will always cherish.
Make the most of your time here as I did.
Thank You for the warm memories SHS!


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