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The main aim of a school is to produce a fine brand of students – laborious, sincere, disciplined and understanding human values. No easy task….! so how is this great mission to be fulfilled ? The secret in the success of this great venture lies in the teacher. Teachers who realize this awesome responsibility yet take this challenge to work on it with single – minded dedication. It is the teacher who is the main factor in moulding and shaping their students. Each student’s personality therefore has great deal of nfluence of their mentors. Teachers are the guiding spirit behind every student.

They take on their pupils not only to teach them from the pages of a book, but also to share their experience of life so that by partaking of this knowledge the students may ultimately become the best person they can. When they do go out into the wild world and reality faces them….. it is then they realize and remember little words of advice…. little snippets of encouragement. Past students like to come back to their old school not to see the school building, nor the playgrounds, not even the principal, but to meet their teachers, the one who installed in them the fine values of life. To meet their teachers who showed them love and understanding when they needed it most. And tip their hats to these fine individuals who have unwittingly played the part of a potter….. moulding these students. How then can students forget their teachers? For it is the teachers who played a vital role in shaping the clumsy child into a fine young man, striding the highway of life brimming with confidence.

Yes, my dear teachers, you can, make or break a child. Yet this grave responsibility is not one of doom and despair. It may have its pitfalls and discouraging days. Yet in the great scheme of things it is you who have taken on this challenge of giving a child the foundation on which he or she will build his/her life. I call upon all the teachers of our school to realize and remember the great responsibility you are shouldering. This is a Herculean task. You will need a lot of patience and wisdom. And while we are all human, keep in mind there is always the almighty. Pray for wisdom and strength to guide you for he is the only one who can help you play your role to the best of your ability.

My dear students these are the best years of your life. You may not realize it now you may have heard your predecessors telling you much about their old school and their teachers. Listen to them and make the best of these years. You should make the best use of all the facilities you have in school, however small and insignificant it may seem to you now, one day later in life you will be grateful to your Alma Mater for teaching you to play, sing and dance. These activities you have learnt are going to make you stand out from the rest. They are not just events on your school calendar. These are rehearsals for your journey through life.

I am certain you may not like the rules of the school now. A number of you will be thinking….Rules!! HumphI! You would like to have more freedom. But these rules of your school are integral in making you a disciplined person. For it is discipline that is going to make you an individual who will be looked up to in the future. It is our duty to instill in you the art of respect and obedience, so that one day you will know how to command and be respected as well.

Above all, your studies are of vital importance to you. There is no substitute for hard work. You must work regularly and diligently. There is no easy way to achieve success. There are teachers here at all times to help you. Take full advantage of them. Never postpone solving your problems. The old adage procrastination is the crime of time stand true today as it will a 100 years from now. Be courageous, be humble, be honest and you will be the winner….

Bear in mind why you have joined Sacred Heart School. Work diligently and you will do well, make good progress and pass out with flying colours. You will not only look back on your school life with pride but you will face your future with your head held high.

To all our dear parents, I reassure you that your precious children are in safe hands. We will do our best for the mental, physical and moral growth of your children. It is in them that we measure our success and it is from them that you will receive great satisfaction at your decision of admitting them into Sacred Heart School. On your part we look forward for greater co-operation and understanding. For ultimately, our goals are a common one … An individual we will be proud to call our own!

Suraj Tamang

SHS Live