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In Sacred Heart School, Classes Kindergarten to Grade V is known as the Primary School.

HTML Document The school curriculum for the Primary school encompasses the following-

  1. Value Education- through theme based assemblies, moral science cases and through Circle Time
  2. Strong foundation in Spoken and Written English through spoken English Classes, the Wordsworth programme, the Drop Everything and Read Programme and activities that encourages the use of Spoken English.
  3. Strong foundation in Mathematics through the Mind Spark programme and competent teachers.
  4. Social Studies, Second languages and Third Languages (from Grade V onwards) are emphasised on through competent teachers, project method and activities that builds skill and understanding
  5. Sports are an integral part of the Primary School curriculum and students are exposed to various games and sports like swimming, badminton, football, basketball and volleyball.
  6. Outings, Picnics and many other extracurricular activities like karate is organised for the Primary School

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