The Discipline policy gives guidelines for the code of conduct for all students in school and what action shall be taken for any violation of school rules.



The Discipline policy shall commit to provide a safe, supportive environment to all students which is conducive for teaching and learning. Students shall there by accept responsibility to demonstrate the type of behaviour that promotes a positive learning climate. The purpose of the discipline policy is to state the general rules and regulations of appropriate social behavior for the benefit of the students, parents and teachers.



  1. Students of the School must abide by the code of conduct as laid down by the School
  2. Students shall be made to reflect on their actions during LSW, Circle time and Moral Science Classes.
  3. Students shall be conscious of school values and must practice these values in their actions and speech.
  4. Every student should display the qualities of:
  • Decorum – towards peers, adults, school-property, uniform and rules
  • Discipline – in all spheres of life
  • Discerning – have the ability to distinguish right from wrong, suitable from unsuitable
  • Distinction – exhibit individuality and excellence
  • Drive – and the drive to achieve it, to succeed in all avenues of endeavour.
  1. All the rules are discussed in the class and a signed acceptance is taken from every  student from the class by the class/co class teacher.


The 5 Ps

  • Punctuality: To school, to class, in submitting work
  • Pride: In oneself, class, school
  • Passages: Walk on the side without running or shouting
  • Property: Respect one’s own and others’ property
  • Politeness: Address elders, peers and children younger than oneself with respect



  1. All students are to report from their dormitories at the given reporting time. Day boarder students must report to school at least 10 minutes before the reporting time.
  2. All students are to follow the school dress code.
  • Accessories like clips, ribbons, bands etc. must be in the colour permitted by the school.
  • We expect the students to be neat in their appearance and well turned out
  • Boys must have short haircuts and be clean shaven at all time. Maintaining a beard or a moustache in school is not allowed., except Sikh boys.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.
  • Girls must ensure that they do not wear jewellery, and fancy accessories.
  • Girls may wear one pair of symmetrical earrings on their ear lobes.
  • Any money carried to school must be accompanied by a letter or else it will be confiscated.
  • No branded clothes/shoes/caps are allowed. These items will be confiscated. Special sports shoes for specific games are allowed only if the games master in  charge gives the request in writing for the specified student.
  • Students may not highlight, streak or dye their hair. Students will be asked to  ready their hair in their natural colour if hair has been coloured at home.
  • Piercing of body parts is not allowed, except for ear and nose pierce for girls. Not more than one ear/nose pierce is allowed for girls.
  • Coloured glasses are not allowed for spectacles.
  • Watches are allowed only for grades IX and above. Smart watches are not  allowed. Watches should not be expensive.
  • Girls are to braid their hair into one or two simple styled plaits.


  1. Students must use appropriate language at all times. All speech should be to foster understanding, empathy and higher values. There should be no use of vulgar words. All transactions is to be in English except in the second/third language classes.
  2. Complete abstinence from violence.
  3. No bullying. No ragging. No extortion. Bullying includes excluding another student from class or group activities, circulating false information about a student and emotionally disturbing a classmate.
  4. No public demonstration of affection.
  5. Contraband in all forms is strictly forbidden.
  6. Electronic gadgets and mobiles are not allowed in the school campus except through a special permission by the Principal.
  7. Complete respect and allegiance to the school and student community. This includes exemplary behaviour outside school at all times as true ambassadors of the school both  while in uniform and
  8. Silence and discipline in the silence zones.
  9. Meeting of deadlines for assignments and projects.
  10. Students are not allowed to carry money with them to school.
  11. Students are not to exchange birthday gifts or any other gifts in school. Plucking flowers and exchange of bouquets is also discouraged at school.
  12. No electronic gadgets are allowed in the school.




  1. Boarders should undergo a general health check by the family doctor. Medical reports with respect to eyes, teeth, chest, stool and urine must be submitted to the resident nurse.
  2. Parents are allowed to visit the dormitory at the beginning of the term. Later they can visit only after obtaining proper permission from the hostel authorities. 
  3. Boarders will not be allowed to leave the hostel or to meet visitors without the consent of the Authorities.
  4. During summer vacation, Puja Holidays, X-mas Vacation and Final Term Break, it is compulsory for the parents to take their wards home. Children must leave school in full uniform and must return in the same.
  5. Laptops are allowed for Grade XI & XII only for educational purposes and for career planning. It must be deposited with a designated staff member.
  6. Home dress cannot be kept in the hostel.
  7. For the winters only a black thermal jacket without any design is allowed. Leather jackets are not allowed.
  8. Students of specific religious communities may bring a set of traditional dress if a festival will be celebrated within school term.
  9. The school computer and electronic items may be used only for educational purposes and for school events. Pen drives are not allowed.
  10. Cameras cannot be kept under a student’s possession. It must be deposited with a designated staff member.


BULLYING: There shall be no acceptable excuses for bullying. School staff shall follow a proactive approach to manage any such behaviour.

Bullying includes:

  • Name calling, teasing, ridiculing, sarcasm
  • Putting down others and their achievements
  • Touching people in ways they don’t want to be touched
  • Damaging, stealing, removing or hiding others’ belongings
  • Making comments/gestures of a sexual nature to others
  • Making negative comments, eg. about family, country of birth,
  • nationality, ability or religion.
  • Making inappropriate comments about
  • another’s physical appearance or clothes
  • Physical violence or threats
  • Forcing others to act against their will
  • Spreading unpleasant/untrue rumours / gossip
  • Demands for money, service or possessions
  • Purposely leaving someone out of activities
  • Glaring and menacing gestures
  • Telephone/Cyber bullying
  • Writing offensive notes or graffiti, email about others.
  • One simple or two simple plaits for girls hairstyle.


Parents Visit

  1. No parents are allowed to visit their wards in the hostel without prior permission. Even if permission is given, all visits must be scheduled after academic hours.
  2. During permitted parents visit, no student is to accept tuck and the use of mobile phones.
  3. Parents can visit their ward on their birthdays with prior permission from the Principal. If prior permission is not taken, visits will not be allowed.

         If food items are brought for the Birthday, it must be consumed during the visit itself.

  1. Students are to leave school in their school uniform and return in their school uniform.



  1. Parents will ensure that they sign their ward’s Diary regularly.
  2. Parents will ensure their child’s uniform is as per school regulation, otherwise the child will be sent home.
  3. Day boarders MUST NOT bring anything for boarders. Any day boarders found bringing anything for any boarder is liable to be expelled.
  4. Day boarders MUST NOT take anything from boarders e.g. books, clothing, shoes, letters etc.
  5. Day boarders MUST NOT stay in the school campus after school hours or on holidays unless permission is granted by the Principal.
  6. Day boarders MUST NOT visit the dormitories.
  7. Parents must come personally to collect their ward’s Terminal Examination Results.
  8. Intimation is necessary from a student for being absent for more than two days otherwise a fine of Rs. 50/- per day will be charged. Telephone calls will not be  entertained.
  9. Prescription and Medical bills should be submitted after a long absence. Doctor’s certificate alone will not be taken into consideration.
  10. Day boarders may avail the school bus to commute daily otherwise parents must take care of bringing and taking their wards personally.
  11. Electronic gadgets, mobile etc. are totally prohibited in school.





  1. Late Coming:
  2. a) To School: (Return from home)Warning, followed by discussion with parents and payment of fine. (Internal school Schedule) Report to Disciplinary committee and appropriate action.
  3. b) To class: Warning and report to the disciplinary committee if the behaviour is repeated.


  1. Use of foul language: Warning and report to the disciplinary committee if the behaviour is repeated and appropriate action.


III. Physical Intimacy: Public display of affection is against the rules. Physical intimacy  embarrasses others and offends their sensibility. No warnings; parents will be   informed followed by suspension.


  1. Possession of:
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Cigarettes
  • Lethal Weapons / Fire Arms
  • Pornographic Literature; electronic or otherwise
  • Match boxes / lighters

Will lead to suspension or expulsion depending on the severity of the circumstances.


  1. Rudeness or Impropriety to staff:
  • Suspension followed by expulsion.


  1. Damage to School Property
  • Vandalism to any property on the school premises will result in payment individually or collectively towards the cost which will be recovered from parents. Repetition will lead to suspension or expulsion.


VII. Possession of the following items on campus is not allowed:

  • Cameras, still or video
  • I pods
  • Mobile phones
  • Cash

They will be confiscated with a policy of ‘no return’


VIII. Uniform

Students need to be in the prescribed uniform. Failure to comply will result in a verbal warning in the first case and repeated action will be reported to the disciplinary committee.


  1. Bullying

Warning, Suspension and Expulsion.

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